Come Experience the Thrill of Flight!

Whether you want the CHALLENGE and EXCITEMENT of learning to fly, sightseeing
over our beautiful local area, or simply going up in a plane for a fun flight,
7:47 Aviation operates several general aviation aircraft and our goal is to let you
experience the reasons why we are so addicted to being in the air.

We love being in the air and to us it is always "time to fly!"
We even love to just talk about flying, so come out and do some "hangar flying."   
Our entire mission is to make your experience here so enjoyable that you will
want to return.  Every time you hear an airplane you will look up wondering......
who it is, what they are doing, where they are going and perhaps wishing it were
you in that plane.

7:47 Aviation is located in Main Hangar 1 at the Cortland County Airport.  When
you arrive our friendly airport dog,
Hershey, will greet you at the door. For more
information about the specifics of our business, click on the tabs above and find
out how we can serve your needs. If you are in need of local weather, flight
planning tools, etc...
click here!

Contact Us Today!
Office phone: 607.662.4505

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