Introductory Flight Lesson FAQ'S

What is an introductory flight lesson?
A 30-35 minute lesson where you get to be at the controls of the airplane. The Instructor will guide
you through taxiing to the runway, take-off procedures, and basic maneuvers like keeping the plane
steady and straight, turning, climbing, and descending.

How much does an Introductory flight lesson cost?
The 30-35 minute session is only $150! Gift certificates are also available. A  first time flight makes a
great gift!

Do I need any prerequisite knowledge before the introductory flight lesson?
No, you do not have to have any previous experience for an intro flight lesson. All you need to do is
show up and enjoy yourself.

Can I bring someone along with me on my introductory flight lesson?
Yes! Our aircraft allows for seating in the back for your guest to observe and enjoy the view during
the lesson at no additional cost.

Do I have to maneuver the aircraft during an introductory flight lesson?
You can be as "hands-on" as you are comfortable with. You can experience what it is like to control
the plane or you can relax, observe, and take in the

Should I be worried about motion sickness?
In general, no. Although it does happen occasionally, it is rare and usually ceases to be a problem
once you get accustomed to flying - typically, just a couple of lessons.

How do I schedule an introductory flight lesson?
You can stop in the office, email us at, or give us a call at (607) 662-4505 to
set up a
Time to Fly!

General Flight Training FAQ's

What are the advantages of flight training in Cortland, NY?
Cortland Airport does not have a control tower so you don't waste time dealing with Air Traffic
Control. Don't worry though, there are three towered airports nearby so you can become familiar with
the ATC system. Also, when training in Central New York, you get to experience all sorts of weather
conditions and see how flights can be affected.

How long does it take to get a pilot license?
Depends on how aggressively you schedule lessons. If you fly once per week it'll take about a year
to a year and a half, and twice
per week will get you done in six to nine months.

What can I do with a pilot license once I earn it?
YOU GET TO GO PLACES! With your certificate, you can get done with work Friday and be at the
coast in time for a fresh seafood dinner. Don't want to fly far away? You don't have to! Fly 20 minutes
away on a Sunday morning to meet with other pilots and enjoy a pancake breakfast.

How much does it cost to learn to fly?
It depends upon how frequently you are flying and how quickly you learn; but plan on between
$14,000 to $16,000 for the total cost. There are
financing options available subject to credit

What is ground school?
Ground school is time when you and other students get together in a classroom setting with an
Instructor and discuss how to become a safe aviator.

How long is each lesson and how often do I need to schedule a lesson?
Plan for each lesson to be two hours. This includes preflight briefings, the flight, and post flight
critique. Scheduling
lessons once or twice per week seems to work best but
other options can also be arranged.

How much outside work is involved when working towards a pilot license?
Getting your pilot certificate does take dedication. We recommend you read/study 1 to 2 hours for
every one hour of flight time.

What materials will I need?
You will get a kit near the beginning of your flight training which has most of the materials you will

Do I need a medical exam?
Yes, but you do not need it until you are ready to fly solo. Therefore you can begin your training
without it! When you reach the point where a medical clearance is necessary, we can direct you to
local examiners to complete it.

Do I need special insurance?
We do not require special insurance - but we do recommend it. There are inexpensive, non-owner
airplane rental policies available if you desire to have extra insurance.

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