Includes: Introduction to Flight; 2hr flight,
0.5hr Ground Instruction, fly into Binghamton Airport.
7:47 Flight Packages
Introductory Flight
$150.00 - 35-40min
Includes: Pre-flight inspection and a discussion of aircraft
operations and systems. The most fun you'll ever have doing
something you've never done before!
Make memories with the unique gift of flight!
Treat yourself or a loved one to one of 7:47 Aviation, Inc.'s
Gift Certificate Packages. Watch their eyes light up when you present
them with a Gift Certificate for any of the Packages seen here!
"Fly with your Feet on Firm Ground"
Flight Simulator Experience
75.00 - 35-40min
Get behind the controls of an FAA Certified Aviation
training device!
"Defy the Forces of Gravity" that hold lesser mortals Earth bound.
Experience what having wings is all about high above the ground!
"Taste of Flight"
Package Price - $697.00: 4 hours, total
($768.00 When Purchased Separately)
Includes: Introduction to Flight, plus 3hrs of flight lessons
and 0.5hr of ground instruction
Graduated, and now eager to experience NEW horizons?
Surprise them with the "Key to the Plane" that will take them to new heights.
"Four Seasons"
Package Price - $1100.00: 5 hours, total
($1200.00 When Purchased Separately)
SPRING:  "Waterfall Rush"
South of Ithaca to Watkins Glen and Taughannock Falls

 "In the Blue"
Gain altitude for cooler temperatures while flying North over the Finger Lakes

"Harvest Fall" -
East to see all the changing leaves toward Hamilton and to Norwich

 "Snow Flakes"
South towards Binghamton. Overfly the Binghamton Airport while heading to Elmira
"Up, Up and Away"
Package Price - $1260.00: 7 hours, total
($1390.00 When Purchased Separately)
Includes: Pre-flight inspections, discussion of aircraft operations and systems; Visit
to a nearby airport;  basic maneuvers; Flight 5hrs, and 2hrs Ground Instruction.
Discover skills and abilities that will encourage your quest
to become an adventurous Solo Pilot.
Gets you a third of the way to Solo.
"Leaving the Nest"
Package Price - $3897.00:  20 hours total; plus Kit
($4354.00 When Purchased Separately)
Includes: Pre-flight inspections, discussion of aircraft operations and systems;
Visit to a nearby airport; Basic maneuvers;  15 hours of flight instruction and 5 hours of
Ground Instruction and
Pilot Training Kit.
Get ready to Leave The Nest as you prepare for your memorable FIRST Solo Flight with
just a couple of hours dedicated effort per week.
With the Unique Gift of Flight!
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We will mail the Gift Certificate
via USPS - First Class
By the Hour
Create your own Adventure: Sightseeing, Air Photography, Romantic Setting,
Birthday, Anniversary, or just adding more hours to your Log Book. The sky's
the limit!
"Hudson River Tour"
Summer Special - $890.00 - 3.5 hours
(Regular Price $980.00)
Pilot the plane to West Point and on down the Hudson River.
See George Washington Bridge, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty
and all of Manhattan from the air!
"It's Time To Fly"
Book a Flight by the Hour
"Defy the Forces of Gravity"
Package Price-$475.00: 2.5hrs, total
($528.00 When Purchased Separately)