Chief instructor Jim Spaller has flown and instructed in Cirrus Aircraft since 2001
and in 2003 was in the first group designated under the Cirrus Standardized
Instructor Pilot (CSIP) program. He is also a Platinum CSIP, a distinction earned
by only the best and most experienced active Cirrus instructors in the world.

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"When once you have tasted flight, you will
forever walk the earth with your eyes turned
skyward, for there you have been, and there
you will always long to return."
"All CSIPs use standardized flight operations manuals, syllabus suites, and procedures to
ensure that your flight training is consistent with other Cirrus pilots’ training and with that of the
factory training at Cirrus Headquarters.

CSIPs can accommodate almost any flight training request or requirement and are the
preferred training providers by leading insurance underwriters. Cirrus Aircraft strongly
recommends that all initial and recurrent Cirrus training be conducted by a CSIP, a CTC, or
with a factory instructor from Cirrus Headquarters. Schedule your next flight with a Cirrus
Standardized Instructor Pilot near you."
                                                         - Cirrus Flight Training Website
Our services Include:
- Cirrus Transition Training
- Avidyne/Perspective and Turbo Differences Training
- Flight Review (BFR) and Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC)
- Cirrus Scheduled Recurrency Training
- Acceptance and Delivery from the factory
- Ferry, Maintenance, and Repositioning Flights
- Cirrus Landing Standardization Course
- Customized Programs

All Training Includes:
- In-Depth Systems Familiarization Training
- Energy Management and Aerodynamics
- Abnormal and Emergency Procedures Trainings
- Graceful Buttonology Suggestions

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Cortland, NY 13045
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Jim is proficient in training in both Avidyne and Perspective avionics.
Working with a CSIP Platinum Partner ensures that you have access to
the most up-to-date materials and procedures.