"When once you have tasted flight, you
will forever walk the earth with your eyes
turned skyward, for there you have been, and
there you will always long to return."
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Check out these reviews from our happy students and passengers!
"Jim made flying very simple and extremely
enjoyable. I would absolutely recommend it to
anyone and everyone that has ever been
interested in trying to fly."

Chris Armitage
         Cortland, NY
"After losing 160 lbs, I thought I'd take an Intro
flight. The instructor was amazing! He was
friendly and patient. I will definitely be back."

    -Krystle Garrison
               Sayre, PA
"My son Liam had the time of his life! Thank you for your patience and
teaching him. It is an experience he will never forget!"

Timothy O'Brien
                                                   McDonough, NY
"This was a lot of fun! Took my daughter Brooke out for her 1st flight for
her 12th birthday. Instructor was great. Can't wait to take my other kids!"
                                                         - Keith Moore
                                                             Oxford, NY
"An experience I'll never forget. I highly recommend 7:47 Aviation and can't
wait to fly again!"

Laurianne Fleming
                                                            Moravia, NY
"I have found out that I was very surprised at how the airplane moves (my
thinking was way off)
. Instructor was very personable, makes learning
easier. Best part: hands-on flying!"

Brian Ganoe
                                                          Lafayette, NY
"Great time, even better than I was hoping for. I was amazed on how much
we got to fly!"
Ryan Diana
                                                         Syracuse, NY

"I was surprised to see how much there was to
the Intro flight. It was an amazing experience!"

Garrett Ciotoli
             Homer, NY
"It was a blast! Best part was just being up in the air working the controls.
Jim was an awesome instructor, very professional and took the time to
make me feel very comfortable with my first time at controls."

Thom McLean
                                                        Syracuse, NY
"This was an amazing experience! Even as my first time flying, I felt safe
and learned more than I expected. It was a totally rewarding  day and I
can't wait to fly again with Jim."

Samuel Dickson
                                                          Syracuse, NY
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"Awesome school. Jim is an encyclopedia of knowledge and experience. He
doesn’t push you too hard but he also doesn’t sit back and watch you fail. He is
there with you and helps you along to succeed."

                                                                          Cortland, NY
"Caring, knowing instructor. I try to fly with Jim every 10
days during summer to keep my instrument skills at peak."

  -Bob A.
                                          Cortland, NY